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Habitat for Humanity in Honduras

Habitat for Humanity Honduras is an apolitical, non-governmental, non-profit, private civil development association, with a Christian foundation, which manages its own assets. It supports low-income families to create a decent housing where they can live through a program of credit and subsidies. Visit our website: .

The housing need in Honduras

In Honduras 68.2 percent of the population lives in poverty, of which 44.6 percent live in extremely poor conditions. Also, 38 percent of households do not have electricity and 14 percent do not have water and sanitation systems. According to the Inter-American Development Bank, the housing deficit in Honduras is around 57 percent, most of which is qualitative (houses in need of repairs), or about, about 770,000 homes.

Habitat’s contribution in Honduras

Habitat for Humanity Honduras is an organization whose main activity is focused on the construction and improvement of housing solutions, with a commitment to impact communities and giving priority to the most vulnerable families in the country, in order to improve their quality of life.

Our programs

Constructions interventions

Currently, we partner with low-income families to improve their housing conditions through a series of loans and grants for the construction or improvement of simple, safe and affordable homes. Habitat Honduras also o ers credit and technical assistance so that families can gradually improve housing by repairing or renovating ceilings, floors, walls, toilets, etc.


National volunteerism is one of the strongest pillars of Habitat Honduras: more than 600 volunteers are integrated into the organizational structures, National Assembly, National Board, Regional Assemblies, and Regional and Local Committees.

During the year, more than 100 local volunteer brigades and 20 international brigades from the United States and Canada helped Honduran families build a decent place to live.

Influencing public policy

This program aims to change legal and political frameworks and systems, practices, programs and allocations of resources through the development of a municipal housing policy. More than half of Honduras’ 289 municipalities have passed housing policies.

In addition, advocacy with the central government continues as part of the Network of Solidarity Housing Development Organizations (Red de Organizaciones Desarrolladoras de Vivienda Solidaria - REDVISOL).

Training and community development

All individuals who partner with Habitat Honduras go through a training process on construction issues, financial education and healthy housing in order to build local capacities that lead to improving their quality of life.

Meet a Habitat family

Hector Manuel and Suyapa live in the neighborhood of La Union of San Pedro Sula. Suyapa is a housewife and Hector is a technical and computer expert who works as an auditor. They have three children and for a long time lived in very poor conditions.

“For years, we tried to get a microloan to build our home, but to no avail. The only alternative offered to us was to relocate to remote housing projects. But thanks to Habitat Honduras’ support, we managed to fulfill our dream of having a decent home,” said Hector.

What can you do?

We build strength, stability and confidence. You can help us do it with the following actions:


Volunteer: Join one of Global Village’s scheduled trips to Honduras or organize your own brigade. For more information go to: http://altenheime-hamburg.info/travel-and-build/global-village.


To learn more about Habitat’s programs in Honduras, please contact:

Alberto Benitez
Executive Director
[email protected]

Maria Fernanda Cortez
Funding development Assistant
[email protected]


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