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Habitat for Humanity in Chile

Habitat for Humanity Chile works with families, volunteers, partners and the community so all boys and girls can grow in a strong and safe home. Together, we build the strength, stability and self-reliance a family needs to reach its goals. Join us .

The housing need in Chile

Chile is a land of contrasts for its beautiful and diverse landscapes, for the cultural wealth of its indigenous people and the variety of immigrants who have enriched its history, gastronomy and culture. But mainly, it is a land of contrasts due to the major socioeconomic disparities that a ect its population, which become very evident in terms of housing access and quality, and healthcare.

Socio-environmental disasters (earthquakes, floods, volcanic eruptions, forest fires) have caused Chile to be a country in permanent reconstruction, with much to learn to better face nature’s challenges, but also, in constant vulnerability.

Habitat’s contribution in Chile

During its 15 years of existence, Habitat Chile has built a rich history. Nuestros Hijos Vuelven a Casa (Our Children Return Home) program brings hope and energy to many parents who struggle, day by day, with their seriously ill children. Parents need to know that their children have a place they can call home, where they can be cared for and protected.

The extension of Viviendas en Altura (high-rise housing units) is an innovation led by our technical assistance area. We have achieved a change in the country’s housing policies and given back many families a decent place to live.

Our Children Return Home project: Coping with a son’s or daughter’s illness is more difficult if the place where we live is not adequate and does not provide the protection they require. Nuestros Hijos Vuelven a Casa (Our Children Return Home) program builds rooms and makes home improvements so children can be with their families during the hard times of an illness. This program builds strength, stability and self-reliance for the family, and fills with pride and joy all of us who take part in it.

Disaster response: Habitat Chile works in partnership with other institutions in response to the different socio-environmental disasters the country faces. Toolkit programs, reconstruction works (Core House), among others, have been developed for families and communities. 

High-rise extensions: In the 1990s, thousands of affordable housing units were built to correct the major housing deficit of the time. Thousands of families became owners of 387.5 to 409 square-foot apartments, which cannot be extended in a safe and harmonious way, since they are in high-rise buildings.

Habitat Chile and other stakeholders have been able to change the lives of these families by making high-rise extensions, which increases the area of each apartment and improves the building’s quality and architecture. This is a community-empowering project.

Meet a Habitat family

Agustina is an 8-year-old Chilean girl. Her smile and sweetness make it hard to imagine that this courageous girl had to endure strong pain daily and progressive physical deterioration. When she was 2.5 years, she was diagnosed with unspecified congenital myopathy and Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome; in other words, articulation problems with dislocations, chronic pain and easy bruising. Today, she can still walk, goes to school, likes to draw and make crafts. But in a few years, she will need a wheelchair to move and additional care. For this reason, her family partnered with Habitat Chile and its volunteers to build a decent home for Agustina.

Her mother, Patricia, said, “The volunteers who built our new house have been marvelous and a gift of life. We now have a beautiful house that protects Agustina; she can walk through it without any risk or move in her wheelchair when she becomes weak. But, what is most important, we now have a big family: our volunteer friends and the entire Habitat for Humanity family. And we have the most wonderful memories of them. They worked very hard and we wanted to take care of them with all our affection and best dishes. We will not forget them; they are an important part of our lives.”

What can you do?

We build strength, stability and confidence. You can help us do it with the following actions:

Donate: If you wish to donate, please go to the following link:

Volunteer: Join one of the Global Village scheduled trips to Chile or organize your own brigade. For more information, visit:


To learn more about Habitat programs in Chile, please contact:

Loreto Barriga Montero
Social Management and Volunteer Director
[email protected]

Rachel Speechley
Volunteer Coordinator
[email protected]

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