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What we’re doing in Nepal and how you can help

The April 25 earthquake that devastated Kathmandu and surrounding areas is the worst disaster to hit Nepal in 80 years. On May 12, a second massive earthquake hit.

Habitat for Humanity is responding to the earthquake in cooperation with the government of Nepal and coordinated through the ’s network of relevant humanitarian agency partners.

Here’s what we’re doing and how you can join us in support of the people of Nepal.

“Critical need”

The government of Nepal estimates that 2.8 million people have been displaced. The describes shelter as a “critical need,” and monsoon season is approaching.

Clearing the debris

Habitat Nepal staff and local volunteers have begun a program of rubble removal and debris clearance. Here, volunteers help families like Upendra Maharjan’s in Lalitpur district, salvaging useable bricks and wood for reconstruction later. “We are lucky we have enough food and water here. What we needed was the technical support to clear the rubble,” .

Supporting 20,000 families

To help, Habitat for Humanity is removing rubble and debris and plans to help 20,000 families with transitional and permanent shelter assistance. We believe that safe, decent shelter provides the platform upon which much of post-disaster assistance is built: health, water, sanitation, livelihoods, safety, education, etc. To support these crucial processes, our “Pathways to Permanence” strategy places affected families on a path to durable, permanent shelter solutions using incremental stages as needed.

How you can help

So many families lost so much so quickly in this disaster. One-year-old Sunay and his father are among those who found themselves sleeping in a public park in the days after the disaster. There are several ways that you can help families like Sunay’s recover and rebuild.


Your prayers are vital to Habitat’s life-changing work. We invite all who pray, whatever your religion, to join others around the globe in praying daily for Habitat’s work, for our efforts in disaster-affected areas like Nepal and for families suffering in the wake of this terrible event.


Your generous gift can be a ray of light for families struggling in a landscape transformed by debris and damage. Donate today.


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Our response depends on you

Habitat has worked in Nepal for 18 years and helped more than 50,000 families live in safe, decent homes. We are well placed to deliver transitional and permanent shelter solutions. Help us help families who desperately need housing to take the first steps to rebuilding and restoring their lives.