Rows of wood two-by-fours, Keep the site moving, Habitat for Humanity

“Keep the site moving”

If you volunteer with , you might get the opportunity to work with construction supervisor Bobby Dunn.

By the time the volunteers show up, he’s been on the site for a while, getting it prepped, gathering materials and formulating a plan for the day.

For Bobby, build day prep goes right down to checking the type of heads on the screws that will be used. If he can get them all to be the same kind, it cuts down on changing out drill bits, saving precious time on the site.

“Small details make the job better,” he says. “I just try to keep the site moving.”

Construction supervisor Bobby Dunn, Keep the site moving, Habitat for Humanity

After retiring from a 24-year career in the U.S. Army and running his own construction business for 12 years, Bobby began working with Habitat and says he enjoys building with the organization and the homeowners.

A great moment on site, he says, is when departing volunteers “tell me how much fun they had and that they learned how to use a new tool.”

Really, though, it’s all about the end product. “I know the homeowner feels good,” Bobby says, “but I think I feel better.”

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