First time for

You hear thunder in the middle of the night, but it scarcely disturbs your sleep.

You check the mail every day when you get home and don’t think twice about doing so.

Your kids grow up in the same house and are able to stay in the same school year after year.

For many families in communities across the U.S. and around the world, these moments don’t exist. Home is a place of scarcity, constant change and need.

But when Habitat for Humanity partners with a family to build or improve their place to live, these moments are possible. Home becomes a place of safety, security and strength. It becomes a place where there’s a first time for moments like these.

Putting down roots

A Virginia teenager now knows she won’t have to move again.

Checking the mail

The Martins finally have their own address.

Owning a home

Diane Chambers is the first member of her family to own her own home.

Meeting a new “family”

Jo and John Flowers partnered with Habitat to make repairs to their home — and since have become faithful Habitat volunteers.

Not fearing the rain

The Casco family no longer fears a heavy thunderstorm.