Coming Home

Feels like mine

Indiana native Donna Staten now has more room to live a full life — and a shorter list of things that keep her up at night.

Staten, who works at her local hospital, moved into her home in July and enjoys her ability to host family. “Instead of the small apartment I used to have,” she says, “there’s more room.”

Granddaughter KiAsia, pictured with Staten above, helped celebrate the home’s dedication last spring. Staten says the best part of her Habitat homeownership is having a yard where KiAsia and her other grandchildren will be able to play.

“My family can come over, and I have a porch to sit on,” she says. “It’s a place to enjoy, a place that feels like mine — because it is!

That sense of ownership anchors Staten. “With a mortgage, now I know my money is going to good use,” she says. “There are lots of things I can do now and not worry.”