Connecting on site and online

In February, Rick Rapp embarked on his fifth Habitat Global Village trip in three years, heading this time for .

Rapp’s first Global Village trip was to — “a life-changing experience,” he says. He notes that he raised about twice as much money as he needed to for the build, and that’s now been the case for each one of his trips, which also have included builds in and .

“I’ve got good friends,” the former high school teacher says, “and lots of them. They’ve been incredibly generous and supportive. I also have a lot of former students who have been supporting me with these builds, which is very cool.”

"The way I look at it,” he continues “my big role is to be an ambassador for Habitat. I’m building awareness as much as houses. I post pictures on my Facebook page every day from the builds, and I’ve gotten really good feedback. People say they can’t wait for the next journey. And neither can I.”