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Annual Report FY2017: by the numbers
July 1, 2016 – June 30, 2017

As we celebrate the stories and impact numbers of fiscal year 2017, we thank you for your investment in our ministry.

Habitat for Humanity International practices good stewardship with all funds entrusted to our mission of eliminating substandard housing. Using funds wisely allows Habitat to serve more families and communities around the world.

where we build

Habitat was active in 73 countries in FY2017. Learn more about Habitat’s work around the world.


New and rehab construction
New houses are 100 percent newly constructed and meet Habitat’s quality standards and local building codes. Rehabs are restorations of houses that once met Habitat’s standards and local building codes but needed major, usually structural, work to bring them back to these standards and codes.
Incremental construction
An intervention that fully addresses one or more of the five Habitat for Humanity quality standards:
  • adequate size
  • durable construction
  • secure land tenure rights
  • access to adequate amounts of clean water
  • proper sanitation
Minor restoration, such as patching roofs or walls or replacing materials in houses that still meet Habitat’s quality standards and local building codes.
Professional services
Preconstruction advice or design services provided directly by Habitat professionals to the household, for specific construction projects.
Market development
Individuals served with better housing through the private sector as a result of a Habitat program.
United States & Canada
New and rehab construction 16,832
Repairs 13,804
Total 30,636
Latin America & the Caribbean
New and rehab construction 44,365
Incremental construction 31,190
Repairs 49,765
Professional services 32,110
Market development 1,505,020
Total 1,662,450
Europe, Middle East & Africa
New and rehab construction 4,955
Incremental construction 85,145
Repairs 27,910
Professional services 35,025
Market development 533,320
Total 686,355
Asia & the Pacific
New and rehab construction 26,720
Incremental construction 51,490
Repairs 11,945
Professional services 33,490
Market development Note

Figure includes 539,400 individuals served through the Sensitise to Sanitise coalition, in which Habitat India is playing a prominent role.

Total 1,120,305

financial position

As of June 30
Cash and cash equivalents $75,566,336
Investments at fair value $44,642,595
Receivables $133,087,098
Other assets $15,321,280
Liabilities and net assets
Total liabilities $115,851,079
Net assets
Unrestricted $54,246,030
Temporarily restricted $96,053,981
Permanently restricted $2,466,219
Total net assets $152,766,230
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activities and changes in total net assets

Year ended June 30
Revenues and gains
Contributions $157,280,295
Donations in kind $36,991,172
Government grants $16,598,327
Other income, net $44,824,727
Program services
U.S. affiliates $109,244,968
International affiliates $61,625,713
Public awareness and education $25,666,307
Supporting services
Fundraising $42,819,266
Management and general $12,502,016
Total expenses $251,858,270
Losses on contributions receivable $(189,156)
Total expenses and losses on contributions receivable $251,669,114
Change in net assets $4,025,407
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financial information

FY2017 Use of funds
Program - U.S. affiliates $109,244,968
Program - international affiliates $61,625,713
Program - public awareness and advocacy $25,666,307
Fundraising $42,819,266
Management and general $12,502,016
FY2017 Source of funds
Contributions $157,280,295
Gifts-in-kind $36,991,172
Government grants $16,598,327
Other income $44,824,727

FY2016 unaudited combined financial statements

The audited financial statements of Habitat for Humanity International reflect only part of Habitat’s work around the world. As autonomous nonprofit organizations, Habitat for Humanity affiliates and national organizations keep their own records of revenues and expenditures. To better demonstrate the magnitude of the movement, Habitat for Humanity International annually compiles combined (unaudited) financial amounts for Habitat for Humanity in total.

For the fiscal year that ended June 30, 2016, we estimated the total impact of the entire Habitat for Humanity mission was as follows:

Total revenue of $2 billion
Total net assets of $3 billion
FY2016 Use of funds
Program $1.5 billion
Fundraising $141 million
Management and general $123 million
FY2016 Source of funds
Contributions and grants $738 million
Gifts-in-kind $458 million
Sales of homes $522 million
Other income $234 million

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