Habitat for Humanity Honduras hosts the International Forum on Public Policy and Access to Housing

SAN PEDRO SULA, (May 10, 2013) - The International Forum on Public Policy and Access to Adequate Housing takes place today in San Pedro Sula, Honduras. The event aims to advocate for fair and equitable local government policies that empower vulnerable populations to access adequate housing solutions. Conversations will be based on Habitat for Humanity Honduras’ experience of successfully advocating for such municipal housing policies in some 20 local governments.

The forum is sponsored by Habitat Honduras, and was created to provide a space for AMHON, an association of Honduran municipalities, REDVISOL, a coalition of nongovernmental organizations, and COHVISOLES, a network of social groups, to generate interest in local policies that incorporate land tenure security, disaster risk reduction, basic infrastructure and municipal budgets for housing subsides.

In addition to organizations that develop housing programs and projects for low-income families, more than 60 municipalities are also participating in the event. Keynote speech is given by Dr. Ruben Sepulveda, Academic, Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism of the University of Chile it addresses “The Impact on Access to Housing: Public Policies in Latin America”..

Maria Luisa Zanelli, an advocacy specialist, will participate on behalf of Habitat for Humanity International. Zanelli will share the organization’s experience in the “Promotion and Defense of Housing Rights and Advocacy in Latin America and the Caribbean”.

A highlight of the event will be the introduction of the results of a Municipal Housing Policy in three municipalities of Honduras was implemented. These include Puerto Cortes (Mayor Allan Ramos); La Paz Cane (Mayor Jose Tejeda) and Cabañas Copan (Mayor Anardo Mata).

The afternoon will conclude with lectures from Prof. Leonidas Avila, president of the Institute for Cooperation and Self Development, who will speak on “Social Housing Law and Social Housing in Honduras”, and Habitat for Humanity Honduras national director Benitez Salem, who will speak on “Advocacy for Fair and Equal Housing Policies”.

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Habitat for Humanity Honduras has served more than 13,500 families with adequate and affordable housing solutions. This has had a positive impact in their living conditions while generating community development.

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