Habitat Paraguay and partners launch construction in Arroyos and Esteros

Habitat for Humanity Paraguay, in partnership with others, will begin building with low-income families in the Virgen de Carmen neighborhood of Arroyos and Esteros, where more than 60 percent of the population suffers from inadequate housing conditions.

ASUNCIÓN, Paraguay (January 27, 2012) – This February 1, Habitat for Humanity Paraguay will launch the construction of 10 homes in the Virgen del Carmen neighborhood in Arroyos and Esteros. The project is being implemented in partnership with the Dequení Foundation, the Community Center Fathers Committee (Comité de Padres del Centro Comunitario), SENAVITAT and the local municipal government.

In Arroyos y Esteros, the Dequení Foundation supports the community development of the Virgen del Carmen neighborhood, where more than 60 percent of the population suffers from inadequate housing conditions—homes that are extremely overcrowded, have insecure structures and lack appropriate conditions for basic health and safety, primarily affecting the wellbeing of children.

In support of the Dequení Foundation’s work in Virgen del Carmen, Habitat for Humanity Paraguay began to seek funds for home construction. Last November, a team of volunteers from Habitat for Humanity International’s Build Louder program visited Arroyos y Esteros, where they learned about the situation of the families living in Virgen del Carmen. Later, during an interview with SENAVIT, the team manifested a request for support, recognizing the residents’ urgent needs.

The National Secretary confirmed the support of Gs. 250,000,000 (US53,420), which will be used for construction materials, technical assistance and training. The funds will be complimented by donations received by Habitat Paraguay’s “” campaign, which will cover site supervision, workshop development and overall project coordination. The families will have work to do as well, helping to prepare the foundations for construction, and the Dequení Foundation will provide logistical support and help to organize the families.

The local government of Arroyos and Esteros also recognized the importance of the initiative, declaring it as an issue of municipal interest and committing to improving the roads to and from the community.

The homes build in Virgen del Carmen will have a rural construction design, with two rooms and a common area for cooking and eating, brick walls, colonial-style roofing and a fireplace. Each home includes electrical installation. The project aims to serve a total of 120 families. The 10 neediest families have been chosen for this first phase, though funds are still being raised for the remaining 110.

The project is part of Habitat’s “” project, which aims to help Paraguayan families to access adequate housing and ensure the wellbeing of their sons and daughters. Habitat for Humanity Paraguay develops a diversity of solutions for the housing deficit in the country, according to each family’s needs. This is the second project that will take place in partnership with the Dequení Foundation.

Those interested in supporting this initiative can contact Noelia Mendoza, Local Resource Development Coordinator for Habitat for Humanity Paraguay, at [email protected].

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