Habitat for Humanity Honduras celebrates 11,500 families served

Through various programs that facilitate access to adequate housing and help reduce the risk of disasters, Habitat Honduras has helped 11,500 families to improve their quality of life.

SAN PEDRO SULA, Honduras (January 23, 2012) – For the 11,500 families who have partnered with Habitat for Humanity Honduras through the construction or improvement of their home, the word “Habitat” rings of fulfilled dreams and faith in action. Habitat for Humanity’s staff, supporters and volunteers consider the organization to be one that puts faith and love into concrete terms, building adequate housing alongside families with scarce economic resources.

Habitat for Humanity Honduras works to decrease the housing deficit in the country, gaining the support of volunteers, local governments, media outlets, churches, corporations and the families themselves. Through its seven regional offices, the organization has served more than 57,500 Hondurans. As the housing deficit in Honduras impacts the most vulnerable and lowest-income sectors of the country, Habitat’s work is a vital step towards sustainable, equitable development.

The improvement of 11,500 families’ housing conditions was made possible through various programs, including the “traditional program” with two construction models, and special projects that assist families whose economic conditions do not permit them access to land. In these cases, Habitat acquires the land (typically through local governments) and builds in partnership with the families. Through this model, Habitat for Humanity Honduras has developed 16 Habitat communities across the country. In partnership with local government, the organization also serves families through disaster response initiatives and projects with vulnerable indigenous groups.

Habitat Honduras celebrated its achievement at a distinguished breakfast in the Copantl Hotel in San Pedro Sula, attended by government officials from 30 municipalities and local media outlets, whose support has helped many families to learn about the services Habitat offers to build or improve their home. Also in attendance were the many volunteers who dedicate their time to various activities within Habitat’s organizational structure, above all in helping to identify families in need of adequate housing.

“Through this event we were able to raise awareness about Habitat’s work on the behalf of Honduran families, as well as the partnerships and support of other sectors that help us to reach these families,” said Jessica Magaly Deras, Advocacy Coordinator for Habitat for Humanity Honduras.

About Habitat for Humanity Latin America and the Caribbean
Habitat for Humanity first opened its doors in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) in 1979, and has since helped more than 100,000 low-income families to access adequate housing in the region. Headquartered in San Jose, Costa Rica, the Latin America and Caribbean regional office coordinates the efforts of 16 national organizations, as well as unique partnerships throughout the region. For more information, visit habitatlatino.org.