New financial education program: “Improve your home, improve your life”

Habitat for Humanity’s Financial Education Program provides tools and training to help families better administer their resources and save for the future. The new module, Improve your home, improve your life, trains participants to lead financial education sessions in their communities, while at the same time helping them to improve their own home economy.

GRANADA, Nicaragua (April 22, 2011) – Habitat for Humanity members from Central America and the Dominican Republic gathered in Granada, Nicaragua from March 22 to 25, 2011 for the orientation of a new financial education module. The main objective was to introduce the methodology called “Improve your home, improve your life”, training participants to ultimately lead a session with Nicaraguan families. The 16 participants gained new knowledge and tools to take back to their financial education programs.

Habitat for Humanity International has begun to implement the new module which provides a manual for trainers to help them prepare sessions with Habitat partner families. During these sessions, the trainers provide families with information about how to plan home improvements, prioritize their most urgent needs, budget adequately, choose a quality builder and material supplier, and finally, how to make a good choice out of different credit options.

Another novelty is to include children in the financial education workshops, an idea that was also introduced during the workshop in Granada.

Since the implementation of financial education programs five years ago in 13 countries of Latin America and the Caribbean, over 15,000 low-income families have been served. At present Habitat has a team of 300 trainers in the region, of which 20 are certified in adult financial education.

Mario Moran, Habitat for Humanity Housing Finance Project Manager, is optimistic about the results of the four days in Granada, “During this year we will see the results of this workshop; we can reach more than we have until now.”

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