Malik and his family

Home is the key to greater security

For Malik and Malakhi

Natasha used to be afraid for her sons to play outside.

The neighborhood where they were renting their home was unsafe, and she often heard gunshots. So Natasha applied to purchase a Habitat home. “My boys were my motivation,” she says.

Her sons, 9-year-old Malik and 7-year-old Malakhi, are becoming more self-reliant now that they are in their own home. “I think my boys are very motivated because they’re in a better environment,” Natasha says.

“They feel more comfortable. They’re happy. They can go outside without me standing on the porch or watching them.”

The home is better for Malik’s health as well, Natasha says. His asthma has greatly improved now that they aren’t living in a place infested with mold.

Natasha in her Habitat home

Family quality time

Natasha and her boys now spend more quality time together as a family. “When I pick them up from school, they come home, and they both sit at the dining room table and do their homework together,” Natasha says. 

“And after we finish homework, they help me make dinner. That’s something we were not used to doing together, but since we moved here, we try to do it every night as we can.”

Natasha is especially happy when hosting her extended family in her home. “The first holiday at my house was Christmas Eve,” she says. 

“The majority of my whole family came over, and we just had people everywhere. And the boys were excited to show people around our house, and to show them their room.

“I think home is the key to my boys’ future. They will always have a home to go to.”

Home is the Key

Our nationwide Home is the Key campaign brings together sponsors, community leaders and supporters like Habitat Humanitarians Drew and Jonathan Scott to unlock futures and change lives so that even more families have access to decent housing.

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