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FT Christmas Appeal

has chosen Habitat for Humanity as its 2018 seasonal appeal charity partner. Through the FT Appeal you can support our work to fight the global housing crisis, or you can simply just read the that were written by the excellent FT journalists about our work.

A matching scheme for has been generously provided by the , a charitable organisation.

Tum Kazunga, chief executive of , said: “We are thrilled to have been chosen by the Financial Times for its seasonal appeal. Problems of inequality, lack of affordability and homelessness loom large in too many places. We’re really excited to work with FT journalists and tell stories that demonstrate the global scale of the housing crisis.”

Roula Khalaf, deputy editor and head of the seasonal appeal committee, said: “The Financial Times is delighted to work with Habitat for Humanity for this year’s seasonal appeal. With 1.6 billion people around the world living in inadequate shelter, the global housing crisis cannot be overlooked. FT journalists will highlight Habitat for Humanity’s work in several countries to shed a light on housing poverty and homelessness.”

Working in more than 70 countries, Habitat for Humanity seeks to build safe environments where families and communities can thrive through a range of home building and community projects. Since becoming FT seasonal appeal charity partner, Habitat for Humanity will be able to tell more about the need for decent housing around the world and possible solutions. 

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Financial Times Christmas Appeal

Coverage from the Seasonal Appeal can be found on .

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