Tajik Rally journeys to support Habitat for Humanity in Tajikistan

DUSHANBE (25 September 2014) – The Tajik Rally once again supported Habitat for Humanity Tajikistan (HFH-Tajikistan) through their annual car event. Over 50 participants from Europe took part in the car rally with 24 cars. The teams arrived from Munich to Dushanbe from end of August to September 6, 2014. The awards ceremony took place at the finish line in Dushanbe to honour the participants of the event for their enthusiastic lifetime adventure to support a charity. The joint event co-organised with the Munich based enterprise The Adventure Manufactory, Habitat Tajikistan and Habitat Germany aims to support Tajik families in need of shelter. Each team raised at least 750 Euros for the charitable cause. In addition to this, the profit from all vehicles sold in Tajikistan goes to Habitat Tajikistan to prepare homes for winter for families in Kumsangir.

Within the framework of this event, a Build Day was organised by Habitat Tajikistan for the participants of the rally. They visited winterization projects in the Kumsangir district to see the work and help three families insulate their house.

“We are delighted to see that this year teams came to visit our project in Kumsangir and saw the impact of their donations. The participants worked with high enthusiasm and commitment, and were very happy to sacrifice their time to help three families in need. It is our pleasure to have teamed up with Tajik Rally participants and The Adventure Manufactory representatives to carry out this volunteer work,” says Samira Sharifkhojaeva, National Director of Habitat for Humanity Tajikistan.

The car rally passed through some of the most remote areas and spectacular places across Europe, the Baltic region and the countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States, as well as Pamir ranges of Tajikistan. The participants of the rally were came from various background, among them were students, entrepreneurs, businessmen and artists. For most of the teams it took about 3 weeks to reach the finish line in Tajikistan.