Become a part of our volunteer family

Habitat for Humanity Volunteer Adventures is the name of the Global Village Facebook page sharing news of opportunities to become involved in volunteering in Europe and Central Asia. “” the page to learn about activities and achievements from Ireland to Kyrgyzstan, celebrated alongside innovations and updates from the development sector.

The term “volunteer adventures” refers to the growing number of people, who combine meaningful volunteer work with experience in a foreign culture. Habitat’s international volunteering programme offers team builds for students, friends, church and corporate groups in more than 40 countries worldwide. Volunteers work alongside Habitat families using local materials to ensure a sustainable, lasting contribution to the community.

Volunteer teams can watch the progress made on their projects through albums shared on ‘Volunteer Adventures’ and on the Facebook page of the country they visited. Photos and videos are posted regularly showing the stages of development before and after teams arrive. This is a wonderful way to connect to the work of Habitat, before and after your time spent in-country. Please share your photos and videos, too!

In Europe & Central Asia, the hosting programmes in Armenia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Macedonia, Portugal, Poland, Romania and Tajikistan are all posting regular content about their programmes. To learn more, visit their pages and follow to hear about housing successes from the entire region.