Hear ye, hear ye

Thailand’s Natthew and Singapore-born Corrinne May voice support for Habitat in a different way

(Left) Natthew building a wall. (Right) Corrinne May (in white) with the family whose house she helped to clean.

SINGAPORE/THAILAND (July 25, 2013) — Singing is not the only forte of Thailand’s Nat ‘Natthew’ Thewphaingam and Singapore-born Corrinne May. New skills were uncovered when they recently volunteered with Habitat for Humanity in their respective countries.

In southern Thailand, pop singer and actor Natthew worked with a group of Korean student volunteers on a Habitat build. The volunteers, from Gyeonggi Academy of Foreign Languages, built from July 15 to 17 in Moo Ban Laem Pho village in Muang district, Krabi. Natthew joined them on the last day to help build a wall.

First-time Habitat volunteer Natthew said: “I am very happy to build with the Korean volunteers who came with a grateful heart and strong determination to help an underprivileged Thai family in Krabi. I am also glad that the family would have a new, decent house.”

Natthew, the winner of Thailand’s Academy Fantasia singing competition in 2008, later joined the volunteers in outdoor sports activities.

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Back in her native Singapore, Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter Corrinne May helped to clean up one-room homes. Corrinne May, the new ambassador of Habitat for Humanity Singapore, was initially apprehensive about what to expect. But the enthusiastic efforts of some 40 volunteers motivated her.

Commenting on her day of washing, dusting and even singing to the elderly, Corrinne May said: “At the end of it, my heart was a little lighter and it was such a heartwarming experience to be able to bring a little happiness to them.”

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