HFH Vietnam Builds Its First Bamboo House

Habitat Conducts Study To Determine If Pilot Project Can Be Extended To Other Provinces

(Top) Construction workers drilling holes into bamboo.(Bottom) Le Dan Song and his daughter outside their bamboo house.

HANOI, 18 July 2012: Bamboo is the new object of beauty for Habitat for Humanity Vietnam with the completion of a pilot house using the material in northern Ha Tinh province.

While bamboo is not the construction material of choice for many people, HFH Vietnam sees value in the fast-growing plant which is locally available.

Its durability is evident as many old houses built with bamboo in the area are still standing today.

HFH Vietnam will conduct a study into the cost-effectiveness and acceptance of bamboo houses among the local community in Huong Khe district. If the pilot bamboo house is considered to be a success, HFH Vietnam has plans to adapt the design in Huong Khe and other parts of Vietnam.

It takes about three-and-a-half months to build an environmentally friendly bamboo house at a cost of more than 44 million Vietnamese dong (US2,100).

Le Dan Song and his family are thankful. “My family and I are happy to have this house. It is strong enough to resist the harsh weather we experience here and we will feel safe and comfortable living in it.”