HFH Indonesia Hosts Its First Women Build Team

March 24th, 2011

Twelve Volunteers From Five Different Countries Build With Habitat Family In Bali

(Top) Members of HFH Indonesia’s first Women Build team. (Middle) Volunteers tying re-bars. (Bottom) The volunteers shared their experiences with women members of a local community co-operative.

JAKARTA, 24th March 2011: Habitat for Humanity Indonesia recently held its first Women Build on the resort island of Bali.

The 12-strong team comprised volunteers from the U.S., Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Singapore and Australia.

Tricia Franck was the team leader. Her husband Charlie led another Global Village team who build in Bali the same week as the Women Build volunteers.

Over one week, the Women Build volunteers worked with a Habitat home partners in Gitgit village, Sukasada sub-district, Buleleng district, Bali.

“Working side by side with local people made it feel like the house was built with love that crossed cultural barriers. Even when we didn’t understand what a person might be saying because of our differences in language, we always understood the meaning of a smile,” said Jane Phelps, one of the volunteers.

“We connected with the home owner’s family, working side by side and hand by hand…The women of the build created a family. We looked after each other, helped one another and built ties that will last a lifetime,” said Reema Siyam.

Agreeing, her team mate Connie Leber said: “Those connections will grow and take root and for me, always lead me to service and look forward to the next opportunity to help someone realize their dream of decent, affordable housing made with a labor of love.”

The volunteers also met women members of a local community co-operative and bonded over sharing of life experiences and baking Balinese cookies together.

Home partner Nyoman Sendri expressed her gratitude to the volunteers for their willingness to travel so far to help the people in Bali.

To date, HFH Indonesia has helped more than 180 families in Bali to build or repair their houses.