HFH Singapore’s Second Annual “Bare Your Sole” Charity Walk Attracts 2,500 People

Barclays Was Title Sponsor For 5km. Walk Without Shoes

SINGAPORE, 15th June 2010: Habitat for Humanity Singapore’s second annual “Bare Your Soul” barefoot charity walk was bigger and better, attracting three times more participants than the inaugural event and raising an estimated S160,000 (US114,100).

A total of 2,500 people took part in this year’s Bare Your Sole compared to the 800 participants for the inaugural event in 2009.

Many also made the 5km. barefoot charity walk a family affair.

About 2,500 people walked without shoes for five kilometers in a local park to demonstrate solidarity with people around the Asia-Pacific region for whom poverty often means being unable to afford shoes or adequate shelter.

This year also attracted a major title sponsor in British banking group Barclays. Last year’s walk attracted about 800 participants.

During the past weekend (5th June), the participants gathered in a park in the east of Singapore, among them were athletic types as well as families with children in prams or toddlers in tow.

Participants also included local celebrities Irene Ang and Paul Foster who built with Habitat for Humanity during last year’s Jimmy & Rosalynn Carter Work Project in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Singapore’s former cabinet minister and patron of HFH Singapore, S. Dhanabalan, kicked off the walk which was accompanied by cool weather that later turned into a light shower.

Many participants completed the walk in about an hour and returned to free hot beverages and light snacks. Alex D’Souza, an IT professional from Goa who is based in Singapore, said: “The walk was good. I can usually run for 4 to 5km. but not barefoot. I made some friends along the way as I walked.”

There were performances by local bands Reverie and S.O.V.A. as well as duo Jack & Rai.

Barclays donated an autographed jersey from Manchester United and England footballer Wayne Rooney. This proved the top prize in a raffle draw. The UK bank also auctioned off six pairs of shoes autographed by sports and television personalities such as Rooney and actor Kevin Spacey.