Celebrities Among 200 Volunteers Who Build Five Plastic Houses In Hong Kong To Promote Carter Work Project

Volunteers Include Actors Daniel Wu, Ken Wong And Singer Jun Kung Who Rebuilt Homes With Habitat In Sichuan Earthquake Response

HONG KONG, 7th October 2009: About 200 student, corporate and consulate volunteers turned up at Hong Kong’s popular Victoria Park in Causeway Bay recently to build five plastic brick “houses” in a major event to publicize the Sichuan, China, part of the 2009 Jimmy & Rosalynn Carter Work Project.

Student volunteers forming a chain to pass plastic bricks for the “houses”.

Celebrities present included (back row from left) Daniel Wu, model Lisa S., Ken Wong, Sandra Ng, two members of the local band 24Herbs and Jun Kung. In the front row were the rest of 24Herbs band members.

A total of 7,000 plastic bricks, which could double up as piggy banks, were used to build five “houses” representing the countries hosting the Carter Work Project.

Celebrities spotted lending a hand included Hong Kong actor/director Daniel Wu, Habitat for Humanity China’s goodwill ambassador, local band 24Herbs, actor Ken Wong, singer Jun Kung and actress Sandra Ng. A few of the celebrities had been among the first volunteers to build with HFH China in its earthquake response project in February 2009.

Actress Ng, who is also mother of a young child, underlined the importance of a solid home for children. The other celebrity volunteers were heartened to see students from international schools in Hong Kong showing a keen interest to support Habitat despite the blistering summer weather.

A total of 7,000 tissue-box-sized plastic bricks, which could double up as piggy banks, were used to build the 2.5-meter high “houses” that represented Cambodia, China, Laos, Thailand and Vietnam, the five countries that will host the Carter Work Project.

A total of HK80,000 (US10,320) was also raised for the Carter Work Project in Sichuan, China, from a glove-painting activity for children and their parents.

A few days later, several dozen existing and potential donors and supporters attended a get-to-know-Habitat gathering at the JM Marriott Hotel, Admiralty, Hong Kong.

In August, HFH China set up a booth at Cathay Pacific City, Cathay Pacific Airways’ corporate headquarters at Hong Kong International Airport, to draw attention to the Carter Work Project. Publicity materials on the Carter Work Project were on display and interested members of the public enquired about joining the project as volunteers.

Another HFH China’s goodwill ambassador, Hong Kong actress/singer Karen Mok, also designed a tote bag in aid of the Carter Work Project. Hong Kong-based bag retailer FX Creations will donate sale proceeds toward HFH China for the November project.