HFH Korea Raises Funds From 8th Annual Catwalk

Separately, Hyundai Steel Lends Volunteer And Financial Support In House Repair Project

SEOUL, 1st July 2009: Habitat for Humanity Korea recently held its eight annual fundraising fashion show, in Seoul. Over 700 guests attended the amateur model fundraiser. Each model donated 800,000 won (US626) to walk the catwalk and showcase clothes from well-known local designers.

Ordinary people took the catwalk in HFH Korea’s eighth annual fundraising fashion show held in Seoul.

Happy Yes volunteers (above) pledge their support for HFH Korea’s house repair project. A run-down kitchen (bottom left) of one Habitat home partner looked sparkling new (bottom right) after the house repair.

Actor Lee Jae-ryong was master of ceremonies for the evening, which also saw car firm BMW donate an M6 sports sedan which was auctioned for US102,000.

HFH Korea has been holding the annual show since 2001 when the Jimmy Carter Work Project was held there. In 2008, HFH Korea raised 140 million won (about US130,000) from a similar show held in Seoul. The chairman of the HFH Korea board and his wife took to the catwalk, modeling traditional costumes. Over the past years, funds raised through HFH Korea’s annual fashion show contributed to the building of 19 new houses.

Separately, HFH Korea has received its largest donation for house repairs from Hyundai Steel. The steel giant will also contribute voluntary labor from among its staff. Matching its employees’ contributions, Hyundai Steel has donated US250,000 to a three-year project, beginning with 42 house repairs in Dangjin on the west coast and extending house repairs to Pohang and Inchon. Hyundai Steel has steel plants in all the three areas.

A staff member at Hyundai steel said: “It is especially meaningful that our hardworking company is taking the time out of the demanding schedule to help repair homes in the local community with Habitat and university students. I have signed up to volunteer myself and look forward to seeing the changes take place.”

In addition, university students were mobilized by HFH Korea for the house repairs. Styled “Happy Yes” volunteers, both Hyundai Steel staff and the university volunteers pledged their commitment to improve not only the physical environment of the families in need but also the families’ lives.

Since the project began in April 2009, more than 250 volunteers including Hyundai Steel staff worked with HFH Korea to repair houses. Seven houses have been repaired and HFH Korea aims to complete repairing 20 houses by the end of July.

One of the first people to be assisted is an 81-year-old woman living on her own in Dangjin. With the volunteers, HFH Korea helped the elderly woman to repair her leaking roof as well as her kitchen and bathroom. The Habitat home partner said: “Since all my children are out of town and they also have financial problems, they cannot take care of me. Thank you very much for repairing my house even though my children could not do it. With this new house, it’s like the time when I got married and moved into this house for the first time. I am so happy that I can cook and wash with hot water.”