HFH Indonesia to Start 1,000 House Rehabilitation for Families Affected by Jakarta Floods

Indonesia aims to make transition to Save & Build program after rehabilitation

JAKARTA, 10st January 2007 – Habitat for Humanity Indonesia has put its wheels into motion with a fast response to rehabilitate 1,000 flood-damaged homes in Jakarta in three months. HFH Indonesia kicked off the project on 17th February with the rehabilitation of five houses in Sukakarya, Bekasi, one of the most affected areas. This will involve mostly repairs of the houses’ earth flooring. Come next week, Habitat will start rehabilitation works in Jakarta.

Between February and April, the Jakarta Flood Disaster Response Project will focus on rehabilitation of the homes of low-income families most severely damaged by the recent massive floods in the Indonesian capital.

The end goal is three-fold: to improve families’ living conditions for better health; to support the resumption of normal economic and social activities and; to enhance standards of living through home improvements. The gamut of housing-related activities includes repainting, plastering, new flooring, roofing, replacement of doors and windows and conversion to partial brick walls.

The total budget for the Jakarta Flood Project is estimated at US200,000 to cover the cost of construction materials for house rehabilitation limited to US100 per family; “cash for work” which supports the economic recovery of low–income families through daily construction work activities; limited water and sanitation assistance and overall operations support.

Habitat Indonesia invites all to come to the aid of the flood affected families in Jakarta with support in kind and in funds. Volunteers who can help with the clean-up and rehabilitation are also welcomed. For more information, please contact the team in Indonesia at [email protected] or [email protected].

Of the 1,000 houses in the project, 300 of the 500 houses in Jakarta’s Sukakarya, Bekasi area are existing Habitat home owners. In North Jakarta – Penjaringan and Tanjung Priok – 250 houses in each area will be rehabilitated.

After the three months, it is hoped that this rehabilitation stage will provide the foundation of a Habitat “Save & Build” program.

The floods that hit Jakarta earlier this month have been the worst seen in recent years, with waters reaching unprecedented levels of up to four meters in some parts of the city. National media have reported that more than 100,000 houses have been affected. At the apex of the disaster, about 400,000 people were displaced by the floods which also killed 94 people, according to Reuters reports last week, quoting Indonesian officials.

The staff of Habitat for Humanity Indonesia have returned to work and request for your continued prayers and support.